Ali Khan



My background as a graphic designer has not only helped me develop a solid foundation in visual design, but has also helped me develop an appreciation for problem solving, for the user, through design. This appreciation of design as a solution has led me to enroll in the UX/UI program at Austin Community College where I plan to graduate in 2020.


Ali Khan Design / Freelance Graphic Designer

January 2008 - Current Austin, Texas

– The visual effects department at Netflix employed me to create a logo that reflected their creativity as a team while staying true to their parent brand. Although this project wasn’t tied to any specific business goals it led to two other departments hiring me to create logos for their teams.

– Local food truck, Rollin Smoke BBQ, hired me to help redesign their look. I started by creating a logo which is not only playful but presented them as a serious contender with some nationally recognized brands. Sales have increased steadily since implementing the new brand direction.

– A new attorney enlisted my services to create a logo for his law firm, BarnesLaw. He felt that it was important to be viewed as not only an honest lawyer, but an accessible one. This design implemented open letter forms and light gray text to accomplish the task. Since being branded, Barnes Law is a blossoming business with new clients coming in regularly

– Michael Druck approached me to design two logos for his casting companies, Michael Druck Casting and The Extras Factory. Michael Druck has a very “loud’ personality and in an industry where your personality matters so much, it was important to convey this in both his logos. Michael Druck is now one of the top casting agents in the central Texas area.


June 2017 - Current, Austin, Texas

– At TAVHealth I learned the meaning of being “scrappy” that is to say with a limited budget and resources, and a small marketing team we were able to re-brand and beef up marketing efforts. As a result of our work we were able to generate the first inbound leads in the history of TAVHealth.

American Campus Commmunities

January 2017 – June 2017


Austin community College

A.A.S. User Experience Design

December 2020

A.A.S. Graphic Design

Graduated December 2016

A.A.S. Graphic Arts Technology

Graduated December 2016

University of Texas at Austin

B.A. Philosophy

December 2012